Save Time and Money with Pali Global’s Longer Lasting Disposable Rollers!

What makes PALi Global’s Printing Machine Rollers better than the rest? It is longer lasting, ready to use, has a solid aluminum core and comes with bearings installed!

We have rollers for the following print machine brands:
• CAI Machines
• Van Dam Machine
• Kase Equipment
• Polytype

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*Maximum of 5 Sets


Kase Equipment Professionals – PALi Global

Kase Equipment

Your Kase equipment is the most important machine in your printing business, doesn’t it deserve the very best care that you can provide? Well, we got you covered, PALi Global is here to service and maintain your Kase Cup Printing Machine. Our people are highly efficient and professional and have years of experience in servicing all types of cup printing machines. Read more by clicking the link below.


CAI Cup Printing Machine Factory Tour

Join PALi Global’s CEO Vincent Rampulla as he takes you on a tour of CAI Machine’s factory in Suzhou, China. Dedicated to the development and production of plastic cup printing machines and driven by advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, CAI Machine has developed and implemented several innovative technical patents that improve quality and production. Watch the video below to learn more.

PALi Global – Experts in Van Dam Machines

Reliable, Efficient and Cost Effective, these are the words to perfectly describe PALi GLOBAL. We are your best choice for servicing Van Dam Machines. Our people are industry professionals with enough experience on our belts that we can fix and troubleshoot almost any kind of problems that may arise with your current Van Dam Machine. Just give us a call and relish in the fact that we have the parts and expertise to fix your current problem.

If by chance your Van Dam Machine is beyond saving, we have a selection of quality used Van Dam Machines for sale. Our 2nd hand machines are in excellent condition and well maintained. And don’t you worry, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your new machine is perfectly installed, working and in tip-top shape.

Check out PALi Global Cup Printing Machines

We are PALi Global, your partner in exceeding your production goals. We sell new and used dry offset Cup Printing Machines that are used to print on plastic cups, containers, tops,and lids. We also offer maintenance, upgrades, repairs and rebuilds.

PALi Global also offers parts and upgrades for the most popular of cup printing machines.